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Download the CMCA Proposal (in Word Format)

Download the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) in Microsoft Word format. (3.4 Mb)

Download the Critical Design Review (CDR) in Microsoft Word format. (3.5 Mb)

Download the companion Critical Design Review PowerPoint presentation. (3.0 Mb)

Poor-quality BoosterVision footage from the first test flight. 5.8 Mb

Rightclick and download the team's Powerpoint sponorship presentation (Sans serif heading fonts are Franlin bold, and serif body text is Goudy: if you're using a PC, you will need to replace the fonts). 29Mb total for all 4 files.
Video support file 1.
Video support 2.
Video support 3.

Full-length video of the early main parachute opening with our scale rocket. 3.4mb


Click on the image above to download the CMCA team's Flight Readiness Review in PDF format. 4.13 mb
Click here to download the Powerpoint presentation of the FFR, and here to download the video that's embedded in it. A second video shot from a test rocket is also needed for the presentation.

Download the team's PLAR (712 kb)

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy NASA Student Launch Initiative 2009  
Addy tenton   santa  
Our team examines the dual deployment altimeter. A photo of the entire team.   Click on the photo above to see the entire album of photos from the 12/18 CMCA photoshoot with Santa fundraiser.   1/7/09 Mentor Jeff Lane and team members Nate Lane and Jacob Pfund discuss SLI live on Colorado Springs' NBC affiliate, KOAA 5/30. 13mb   1/7/09 Andy Koen announces an upcoming segment with CMCA SLI live. 600 kb 1/7/09 KOAA anchor Georgiann Lymberopoulos introduces Tyler Chumbley (not Columbus) and Trenton Tulloss who discuss SLI live. 10mb   1/7/09 at 5:30 in the morning, these rocket scientists are hard at work on the equation they're going to use to figure altitude. The intensity is so pervasive you can hardly tear them away for a live TV interview. 30mb            
flight 1   1-17   tyler   drogue   main    
1/17/09 The first SLI test of stability and accuracy of the camera in Pueblo. 1.6 mb 1/17 Photo album by Lloyd Chumbley. Lots of prep shots, the team hard at work. More photos from 1/17 2/21 Video of our static test for deployment of the drogue parachute. 3.25mb   2/21 Video of our static test for deployment of the main parachute. 3.9mb    
carbon   maiden   tarp     nate   apogee

Still photos from the 2/21 static test day. Some cool carbon fiber. Craftsmanship by Jacob.

      3/14 Photo album of our team prepping for our maiden voyage in Pueblo.   A second 3/14 photo album of the team, with a few portraits.  
3/14 At Hudson Ranch in Pueblo, our first flight of our full-sized rocket. This is the full-length video at 4.6 mb.     Our first video footage with targets, shot at Pueblo 3/29/09. This was a flight on an H motor with a video mule, not our final rocket. Video resolution in this example is sampled down to 640x480, half the resolution on the actual video. 5.2mb  
mule external
4/18/09 The CMCA SLI team has a beautiful fight in Alabama. Here's the final external video. 37mb
4/18/09 The onboard video. Note that this is not the full 1280 pixel resolution. 17mb
onboard 4h   unbilt  

4/18/09 The first flight of the day Washington County Wisconsin 4-H.


4/18/09 The very last flight of the day, Vanderbilt USLI has a Very Bad Day on an M motor. 2.4mb
External video of our video mule at Peyton 3/29/09 on an H motor. 2.7mb    

Check out the original YourHub article on the team and the post-launch article.

Our 2008-2009 TARC team page.

2007-2008 TARC team page.


Stills from NASA:
From Jeff Lane

A Panorama of the Range
From Ann Conner, four team portraits, including one with Homer Hickam (October Sky)
From Pattye Volz, three team portraits