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Photos on this page: January through June 2007.

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Photo Archives

Still Photos              
flis   lostthisglider   saturnkomarov             fatherson   prep and launch            
Photo album of a great launch 1/28/07 in Peyton. Photos by  

Photo album of the 2/10/07 launch. Lots of great shots! You can tell when you've got a really good glider... you lose it!

  Photo album of the 2/24/07 launch. A few photos... it was cold and windy.

Photo album of the 3/10/07 launch. Lotsa photos! Check out a second photo album here.

    A gorgeous day/excellent launches. 4/14/07. And a second photo album here.      
We had a great build session at Hobbytown on May 5. Some cute photos of young rocketeers here. kids build  
Hatchibombotar photos from 5/12 on Flickr. And 4/28.

Photo album of a 3/17 Hudson Ranch launch with our sister club in Pueblo, SCORE. Mostly people shots. And another photo album with some launch photos.

Ernie has a slight problem... 3/25 crash remains. Photos by Bdale Garbee

a nice crowd trey over pp there it is flare
A huge crowd on a perfect day. 4/28/07 at the "Stargate" in Peyton. No wind. 75 degrees. Lots of great flying! Lots of photos, too. Photo album of the 5/12/07 at Challenger Middle School. Lots of people, 90-plus rockets launched. 5/26 Peyton launch. Breezy, but that didn't stop anybody. 6/26/07 Photo album of a mass launch with La Plata Investments.
  6/10 Other than fighting for space with the bison, this was a great Hartsel weekend.

  Must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.  
eggspatriot   s-k sk4 comp issues ss1 nijat    
Nijat Worley displays his TARC craftsmanship with a great launch of the Bakul-1. This is a test of minimized fins for less weathercocking.
3-28-07 Oracle flight on top of the radically different Compensation Issues. 3.3 mb. D12-0 main booster, D12-3 parallel cluster glider, E9-6 sustainer Warren Layfield's SS1 upscale exhibits a really nice roll. 4/28 1.8 mb.
Here's an interesting look at what happens when the igniter retainer blows out the side. A violent launch. 1-28-07. 1.5mb launch video. Video by Jeff Lane.     The largest free paper rocket in the known universe takes off 2-10-07 from Challenger Middle School. 2.3mb Download the printable PDFs here.   Saturn-Komarov flies on an F23-5. 3- 10-07 1.9mb.
dyna     live free       art   6-07 mass still
5/26 DynaStar Rip Roar with too loose nose. 1.3mb   We pay homage to one of the best movie trailers ever done... Live Free or Die Hard. The video clips are from a combined Tripoli/COSROCS/ S.C.O.R.E. launch in Hartsel, Colorado on June 9-10 2007. And yes, we do have live buffalo on the range. 13.9 mb Quicktime. Also on YouTube in much lower resolution.         HIgh power and dual deployment reign at Hartsel. Check out this Art Hoag flight. It parachutes down gently between the cars and the launch rail. 1.9mb 6/23/07 Oracle flight at Challenger Middle School. D12-5. 6/26/07 Oracle flight at the COSROCS/La Plata Investments Grand Lawn "Thunderous Groundbreaking". The Oracle was flown out of the middle of ~280 rockets that were launched with a single button. ~350 people attended the event. 1.9mb
io cert

Dave Virga Videos, 3/25/07 Windows Media

Flight 1 - 2-Stage.wmv 8mb
Flight 2.wmv 7mb
Flight 3 - Red Glider.wmv 4mb
Flight 4 - Abigail.wmv 29mb
Flight 5 - Garbee Rip-Roar.wmv 17mb
Flight 6 - Virga Rip-Roar.wmv 23mb
Flight 7 - Hitchner Duster F52.wmv 23mb
Flight 8 - Williams-Virga Super Eagle Duel.wmv 18mb
Flight 9 - Elder NCR Big Brute F23.wmv 24mb
Flight 10 - Garbee Stormcaster C11.wmv17mb
Flight 11 - Jolly Tristar-3x G79.wmv 23mb
Flight 12 - Puckett DualDeploy H165 Ouch.wmv 18mb
Flight 13 - Garbee Rip-Roar Flight 2.wmv 16mb
Puckett-Jolly H128 Drag Race.wmv 57mb


Dave Virga Videos

4/3/07 Bear Creek Lake Park (CRASH) Spool Drag Race 15mb wmv file

10/4/07 Sputnik Day (50th anniversary launch of several Sputnik models)
Sputnik Day Part 1 - Intro and Prep.33mb wmv
Sputnik Day Part 2 - First Rack.114mb wmv
Sputnik Day Part 3 - Second Rack Plus One.112mb wmv

Jacob Pfund completes his Level 1 Junior Certification with a PML Io. 2.1mb