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Photos on this page: July through December 2007.

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Photos 2007 unless otherwise noted. You must request permission before using for any purpose.

Still Photos
aj's apogee rocket switches civil air patrol deanna   robert
7/14 Photos of a good-sized group including Cubs and Civil Air Patrol. Breezy and warm, but lots of good flying. Second set of photos.     The new launch control system is well on its well to completion, thanks to the Herculean efforts by George Shaiffer. Work-in-progress photos.   7/18 Civil Air Patrol. Two groups at Challenger. Total of 40 flights. Photos by George Shaiffer.   SCORE launch on 7/21. Hot but calm. Lots of photos. Some great classic Centuri scale kits. Second set of photos by Stephen Moraco.  

8/11 Peyton launch. Very large group. Hot. Lots of great flying. Lots of photos.
Greg Elder photos, a video of his Cobra, and one other video.
Hatchibombotar photos on Flickr.

  Challenger launch 8/25. A near-perfect day brought out a good crowd.
family   mike   hand   les   demsky   eilene    
Challenger launch 9/22. As nice a day as you could ask for. Large group of Cub. Lots of people photos. Peyton launch on 10-12. Huge crowd, nice weather, lots of odd rockets. A cold October day brings lots of great flying. 10-27 photo album. 11-10 Peyton launch album. Lots of photos. An incredibly warm day for the second week in November. 11-24 Challenger photo album. Small turnout, cold but fun. Turkey payloads made it a "Turkey Shoot"
12-8 Peyton Christmas party. A very good crowd for a snowed-in kind of day. We did launch one rocket, though. Good album of people shots.

Videos Must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.
compissues cineroc diver city arsstaging
7/14/07 Peyton launch of Compensation Issues. If you watch closely, you can see the main booster and glder section fall away. 1.9mb 7/14/07 Peyton launch of a Cineroc. Interesting shot of the booster dropping off, but some skips. Old tech meets new tech. 5.3mb 8/18/07 "Everyone Welcome" Diversity festival in downtown Colorado Springs. The kids certainly welcomed rocket-powered dragsters! 21.8mb 9/1/07 Albuquerque Rocket Society "Thrust in the Dust" launch of the "Compensation Issues" parallel 2-stage cluster glider. Three COSROCS members were there flying. Hot but fun. 1.2mb
virgaspool   satkom   r2   new system   ern gps   tarnation   turkey    
9/8/07 Hartsel launch during the annual Fall Fling with Tripoli Colorado of Dave Virga's spool on an I-154 Blackjack. 1.4mb The largest free paper rocket in the known universe on an F39 9/8/07 at Hartsel. 1.8mb   10-13 R2D2 mass launch. Five R2D2s flew as well as a Tardis and a Dalek. And we only had three of those crash. 6.8mb   11-10 Peyton drag race test-firing of the new launch system. Six rockets at once, including a cluster. 580kb     11-10 Peyton high-power launch testing Ernie Puckett's GPS recovery system with dual deployment. 1.1mb   11-10 Peyton H-powered "Tarnation Flaming Breakfast of Doom". Parachute got twisted into the shock cord causing a core sample. 900kb   11-24 Challenger. It was cold but sunny. We launched several rockets with turkey payloads, hence a "Turkey Shoot". Light crowd but we had lots of fun. Four flights in this video.10mb.