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Photos on this page: January through July 26, 2008.

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Photos ©2008 unless otherwise noted. You must request permission before using for any purpose.

Still Photos
  ernie   dv   jeff     bb   be frree   old blue   cubscout        
1/12 Photo album of a small group. Cool but not cold, we had lots of good flying. 1/26 Photo album with lots of TARC shots. Cool, small crowd. 2/9 One photo. A gorgeous day, very little wind, but only a few people showed. 3/8 One photo of the rack filled with mostly Berthas. What a lawn dart fest! 4/12 photo album of those men and their flying eggs. 4/22 Photo album from the COSROCS 20th anniversary celebration.   4/26 Photo album. Cold, windy day brings out 50+ fliers.
cubby   bdale   cato   tripolispring   rack   tres    
5/10 Windy, cool, and a tremendous snow squall blew through. Three full racks of cubbie's rockets launched, though.     5/24 Forecast was very windy, but it was nearly calm most of the day. We even flew gliders. Photo album.   6/14 Peyton launch was hot and dusty. Lots of "interesting " flights. Two-photo album of a couple of the most interesting.       6/21 A gorgeous sunny day with very little wind, but a light crowd for this joint Tripoli/COSROCS launch in Hartsel. Photo album with 118 shots! Photos by Paul Milbourn, many suitable for printing at high resolution and framing.   6/28 A mostly kids day, we got off about 60 small rockets and a few larger ones. Lots of photos.   7/12 Started cool and calm, working toward hot and windy, but we got off a lot of flights.        

Must have Quicktime 7 and H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.
eggsocet     clusterfail   jp hp     Click here for a page of videos depicting the really fun "Flight of the Easter Eggs" on 4-12-08 shortly after Easter. And here are some Greg Elder photos.   vert assult   davespool                  
1/12/08 Peyton launch of five rockets, inclluding a tube launch of a unique rocket with front canard fins to stabilize it in the tube. 4.7mb   3/8/08 Tiny bit of advice. This is not the best view from your Oracle. Cluster failure in Peyton on Compensation Issues. On the plus side, you get to see the glider pop off. 2.2mb      
3/15 Jacob Pfund's high-power rocket takes off from Hudson Ranch. 3.4mb
    4/19 Bdale Garbee's Vertical Assault at Hudson Ranch.
  6/14 Dave Virga flies a spool for once. This is the infamous "it took the rod with it" flght. 13mb                  
tarnation     geamram   spool  

Dave Virga videos from Tripoli Colorado
Spring Fling in Hartsel 6/21/08

Flight 1 - Ryan McGarvey H210. 54mb wmv
Flight 2 - Steve Madere. 59mb wmv
Flight 3 - George Shaiffer Shuttle BG Ouch.14mb wmv
Flight 4 - Thad Zylka Initiator F24. 41mb wmv
Flight 5 - Megan McGarvey H123W. 35mb wmv
Flight 6 - White and Orange. 26mb wmv
Flight 7 - Jeff Lewis Broadsword Clone F20. 27mb wmv
Flight 8 - Dave Virga Paylord 3xC6-7. 41mb wmv
Flight 9 - Steve M BigRoc Proto QtrScale G64. 26mb wmv

6/14 Tarnaton Flaming Breakfast of Doom lives up to its name. 1.2mb. 6/14 Greg Elder's Amram. 900k     7/3 Check out these 5 flights we did for KOAA's morning show.