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Photos on this page: July 26 through December, 2008

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Photos ©2008 unless otherwise noted. You must request permission before using for any purpose.

Still Photos
  Golden Scout   screamer   dancer         jeff         ern l3   girl   open wide     statefair                  
7/26 warmed up quick and we had a good sized crowd with some new people and lots of good flying. Album of people photos. 8-9 Photos by Les Mann. This is a HUGE photo album. A nearly perfect day results in some truly memorable photos. More photos by Brandango. Still more by George Shaiffer. 8/23 Photos of the Diverstiy event downtown. Lots of work, some good volunteer investment. 9/13 Mann photos of the Hartsel launch, including an amazing shot of the airborn MicroMaxx spool during Spoolapalooza. 145 photos.

9/13-14 Photo album. Fall Fling at Hartsel with Tripoli. Perfect weather, big crowd, and lots of great flying. Ernie's L3 test (above) didn't go so well, though.
External link to Greg Elder photos.

9/13 A joint Tripoli/COSROCS launch in Hartsel. Photo album with 351 shots! Photos by Paul Milbourn, time to get out the photo quality paper. 9/27 Our regular Challenger launch was a resounding success, with lots of fliers. 10 people photos. Huge photo album of kids launching rockets at the State Fair. You gotta love seeing this many kids getting an early start on STEM education. 80 photos.      
build   lonley ern jenkinsgirl   epl3   child   smiles     model rocket       deanna     norm h   shirts
10/11 Peyton. Cold and a 300 foot ceiling, but a good build 'n' fly crowd. Small album of people shots. And a small album of Greg Elder launch photos. 10/19 Dave Virga photo album of Octoberfest in Hartsel.
10/11 Mann photos. Spooky. 83 photos in this album. Well worth a look. 10/13 Small photo album of the Jenkins Middle School launch. Photos by George Shaiffer.
10/19 Mann photos. 61 photos in this album. Ernie Puckett's L3 Certification flight plus some other good stuff. 10/25 Album with lots of people shots of the Challenger launch. Some cool stills from Thad's Estes camera, too. A nearly perfect day. 10/4 Northern Colorado Rocketry photos by Paul Milbourn. This album has 432 photos, and this is only Disk 1! Some great stuff, so take your time. The Art Hoag monster above stretches the definition of "model rocket." 10/4 Northern Colorado Rocketry photos by Paul Milbourn. This album from disk 2 has 392 photos! 11/8 Peyton. Cool and breezy, but we flew 'em anyway. Nice album of people and rocket shots. 11/22 Album of still shots from the Challenger launch. Lots of TARC flights, beautiful day, nearly calm. 12/13 Album of stills at our annual meeting and Christmas party at Peyton. If you didn't make it, you missed great flying and a fun potluck. 12/13 Mann album of stills from our Christmas party launch. 64 gorgeous shots, worthy of that expensive glossy photo paper.

Videos   Must have Quicktime 7 and H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.    
scouts         bomb-arc     drag   gravedanger   hybrid   oracle                    
Five Semroc Golden Scouts in a drag race. Semroc is commemorating fifty years of model rockety with a re-release of this rocket. 6.4mb         8-9-08 flight of an Estes/NCR Bomarc on an H128. Don't ever fly one of these on a G. 3.3mb   8/23 Video at the Diverstiy event downtown. Lots of kids raced the dragsters. Down Bijou. 3mb.   9/14 Mercury Engineering Grave Danger on an H128. Level 1 with a $37 kit. 1.2mb     9/14 Art Hoag launches a high-flyin' hybrid. 3mb     9/14 Oracle flight at Hartsel. Are you smiling and waving in this shot? 1.1mb                    
lanebomarc     jpdual   grasshopper   gettin   elder       chumbley       10k     red     red&white      
9/13/08 This may be the only attempt to ever fly an NCR 3" Bomarc with Blackjack G53s in the ramjets. The 3-motor cluster failed, with only 2 lit and the center H128 deploying 'way early. 2.3mb     9/13/08 Jacob Pfund has a gorgeous flight with his dual-deploy rocket on a redlne. 1.3mb   9/13/08 A 4x upscale of the new Sunward Grasshopper flies on a G53 Blackjack. 1.8mb     9/13/08 Sunward Solar Eclipse painted all-black and renamed "Gettin' Medieval". It's a new kit with D12-0/E9-6 power. 4mb   9/13/08 Greg Elder flies his pre-Estes Bomarc on a Mojave Green G. 2.2mb   9/13/08 Chumbleys fly a beautiful highpower flight. 1.4mb         9/13/08 An attempt at a flight to 10,000 feet on a K motor. 2.3mb     9/13/08 Red rocket with a perfect highpower flight. 1.6mb     9/13/08 Red and white rocket with a beautiful highpower flight. 1.2mb      
madere           thomaswac         spools       landshark   tangle L3   bad day   smokin  
9/14 Steve Madere's classically styled payloader takes off. 1.2mb         9/14 Tim Thomas' WAC gets bent. 1.9mb         9/13 Spool-a-palooza.This is one of the coolest rocket videos ever shot, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. "IN A WORLD WHERE THERE ARE ONLY SPOOLS..." 14.4mb by Dave Virga   10-25 When only one E9 in the cluster lights and the torque twists the launch lug off, this is what you get. 5.1mb 10-25 This TARC rocket gave its life to protect its precious cargo. Yes, the egg actually survived this flight. 3.2mb 11/15 Bdale Garbee's L3 certification flight. Crank up the subwoofer and rattle your teeth. 7.9mb   11/15 Ernie has a Very Bad Day. 2.2mb     11/15 Jocob's beautiful Nike Smoke has a nearly perfect flight. 2.1 mb  
11/22 Challenger flight of Thad Zylka's Astrovision. 980k