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tubefin     sky   snitch   skeeters
5/16 at Challenger Middle School. Dave Virga photo album.

5/30 May Mania fun contest. Incredible weather, lots of great flying, and the greenest Peyton you'll ever see! 25 photos.

5/23 May Mayhem at NCR photo album by Dave Virga. Several nice burst photo sequences showing liftoff. 44 photos.   5/30 May Mania fun contest photo album by Dave Virga. The Mosquitoes were terrible. Like the state bird of Minnesota. Many burst photo sequences showing liftoff. 91 photos.  
looking up scout     patriot         button   lander   int      
6/27 Challenger. A perfect day with lots of Cub scouts and Challenger student flights. 45 photos.   7/11 Peyton. We had a cub scout group and a camping/two-day event with potlucks Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Some nice photos.     7/11 Mann photo album from Peyton. Some really good liftoffs.       7/31 Challenger Learning Center launch with 22 flights in the morning and 20 in the afternoon, plus 4 COSROCS demo flights. A perfect day.   7/22 COSROCS had a booth at the El Paso County Fair. Flyer distribution was phenomenal. Several Mann photos.   8/8 Mann photo album of flights in Peyton.   8/12 Monthly meetings are not quite as much fun as launches. But we do get to see what each member is working on, and we get to plan events and do other business. Mann album.      
sm   norman                                      
8/22-23 Was a joint launch at the Pueblo site with SCORE, the first annual Chiliblaster. We had a lot of people, camping, a night launch (see a portion of the 3-skidmark launch above), and HEAT! Photo album with rocket shots and people. The people who are used to some of the other sites were most impressed with running water and toilets.

8/23 Chiliblaster second photo album. Still HOT! Lots of great flying, though. People came from all over Colorado.


  Must have Quicktime 7 and H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.                                                  
mikesbrant     virga_red                   interceptor   spool   thad   tube   cfx   patriot       7-19 flamethrower                          
7/11/09 Michael Adams demonstrates his new kit, a 2.6" Black Brant. 1mb   7/11/09 Dave Virga flight of his tall red rocket on a fairly conservative motor. 800k
7/11/09 Quasar Patriot kit modified for 38mm motors and dual deployment. 3mb
        7/11/09 Estes Interceptor E on an E9-6. 1.9mb   7/11/09 Dave Virga flight of his spool. 1.9mb   7/11/09 Thad Zylka flight of his ARM-style rocket. 3.8mb   7/11/09 Norman Pfund tube flight, includes Slo-Motion. 2.3mb     7/11/09 The Sunward CFX-Six Footer is truly impressive on an E9-6. 1.9mb  

7/18/09 at Pueblo. Quasar Patriot dual deployment. 2.4 mb

  7/19 at Hartsel Norman Pfund's tube launch on an H255 and Jacob Pfund's Nike Smoke on a J499. 2.7mb                          
jnb skids   mdragvirga   airstart nptube   sumo   dual   v2 1300
8/23 Chiliblaster M-powered drag race. Wow. 12.4mb 8/22 Chiliblaster video of the three skidmarks by Dave Virga. 31.5 mb 8/23 Here's a second angle from Dave Virga on the M drag race. 5.6mb 8/22 The Nike Smoke SCORE club rocket on a cluster air start. 3mb Dave Virga video. 8/22 Norman lunches another flamethrower. 1.3 mb Dave Virga video. 8/23 Dave Virga's Sumo winds up even shorter and fatter. 7.2mb Dave Virga video. 8/23 Ernie's small dual deploy rocket. 3mb Dave Virga video.     8/22 Dave Virga's V2 on an I285. 4mb Dave Virga video.   8/22 Dave Virga's V2 on an I300. 1.2mb Dave Virga video.