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9/12 Photo album of the annual Fall Fling at Hartsel.

9/12 Photo album of Fall Fling by Deanna and Les

9/13 Photo album of Fall Fling by Deanna and Les 9/26 Photo album. A perfect day. Why weren't you there? The girl scouts demonstrated love at first flight.

9/20 PPLD/Estes/ COSROCS event at America the Beautiful park. Mann photo album.

10/3 209 photos by the Manns of launches and people at NCR's Octoberfest.
brownies thanks kaleb kid   kaleb goldie   richard
9/26 The Brownies sent this nice photo of their group with a thank you note. 10/24 was a big day at Challenger with Homer Hickam and build n fly events. 11/7 Coolscience event at UCCS with Estes drag cars. Huge turnout. 11/21 Perfect in Pueblo. No wind, 62 degrees, cloudy in the morning, sunny later. What more could you ask for? 11/28 Bdale album of shots at Challenger. External link to Flickr. 12/19 album of people and flights at Pueblo.
12/12 album. The annual Holiday Extravaganza.
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glide didier airborne   flamethrower

Richard Fonzi's Ecee Thunder makes life interesting. 9/26 25mb

Tyler Didier's Twist and Pull dual deploy on an I motor. NCR Octoberfest 10/3. 11.2mb WMV file   11/7 Cool Science drag races with lots of kids. And a couple of the racers even get airborn. 9.5mb   12/19. We love these Norman Pfund flamethrower videos. This one is in 1280 pixel high definition. 27mb