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Photos on this page: January 2010 through April 2010

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1/9 photos of the first launch of the year. The teens in the pictures wind up in t-shirts and shorts. But it wasn't that warm. 62 photos.   1/23 photos of the setup for Winterfest. Great participation. 1/23 photos of flights by James Powers.   2/13 Photo album. Too cold for a large crowd, fairly windy, too.   2/27 Photo album. Warm, sunny, lots of TARC flying.   3/6 Photo albm of a great day in Pueblo. Warm, fun, and lots of great, successful flights.
zoomzoom   armageddonator
3/13 Peyton photo album. Lots of scouts and 3 TARC teams provided high volume flying. Sunny and warm with light breeze.   3/28 Challenger photos. Full day with 2 crews resulted in new contacts. Warm, no wind.   In April 2010, for the first time in years, COSROCS did not have a launch. Wind caused cancellation of all launches except a small demo at Rogers Elementary.  



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konshak skywriter kae2     kae super
Mike Konshak's F Super-roc collapses at 500 feet.   It's that easy to undersize your fins in F Super-roc.   Pushin' spaghetti never looked this good.   The blue rocket in the foreground is the one that's goin'.