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Photos on this page: May 2010 through August 2010

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5/22 was a very warm, breezy day. Between 8:45 and noon, we flew 150 rockets! The tree only got to keep 4. 6/5 In Pueblo was toasty but nice, with wind picking up around noon. The first day of the NAR Retional went off pretty well. 6/19 Pueblo was a community land use meeting with food, lots of people, and some good flyin'.   6/26 Tripoli/COSROCS Spring Fling in Hartsel. It was nearly perfect weather, with lots of great high power and small rocket flights. 6/27 Spring Fling continued with a research day. Big hardware, a couple of bad launches, but nearly calm.
6/6 in Pueblo was even toastier. Nearly no wind resulted in great contest conditions. For the record, SCORE's first regional is a success.  
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6/26 Hartsel Spring Fling. Mann photos. Some really fun flying on a nearly perfect summer day. 7/17 It's hot in Pueblo. In July. But it's fun, there's a good crowd of great people, some certification attempts.

7/24 Challenger. A nearly perfect day. Small crowd, fun flying.


7/31 NARAM-52. Rocket flying was fast and furious. Out of staters were shocked at the space. HIgh power vendors were shocked at the sales. External link to Greg Elder photos.

Mann photo album.

8/1 NARAM-52. More photos of people. Mucho great flying, though, too. External link to Greg Elder photos. 8/2 NARAM-52. Lots of photos of competition flights, people shots, and vendors. First day of full-blown, dog-eat-dog competition.  
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8/4 NARAM-52 was a big day for big rockets. F Super Rocs, that is. Another day of nearly perfect summer weather.

Jeff Lane's 4-inline "Push-Me-Pull-You-You-You". A logical extrapolation of the typical 2-stack.

8/6 NARAM-52 was the final day for flying. Scale models flew on the contest range, with lots of sport and high power flying. External link to Greg Elder photos.

NARAM-52 Group banquet shot of high power L2 recipients. There were 22.

Allison Van Milligan won third place nationally. Photo of her with her trophy.

8-21 Hudson ranch. A nearly perfect day saw a medium-sized and relaxed crowd, still recovering from NARAM. 8-28 Challenger Middle School. If there has ever been a more perfect day for launching rockets, we have not seen one. Good sized crowd. Lots of new folks. 8/28 Challenger Middle School Mann photos.  



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Video of the landing of a D helicopter recovery rocket. The rotors are canted to provide spin, and airfoiled to provide lift. This flight was 1 minute, 58 seconds. NAR Regional in Pueblo on 6/5/10. The video is in full 1280 HD. Full HD video of an unpowered dart. The ejection charge is activated electronically by a circuit that detects a change in the orientation of Earth's magnetic field. 6/5/10 John Boren's NAR Regional winning helicopter flight at SCORE. Flight was over two minutes, so the video is edited down a little, but still shows full liftoff and deployment, and the graceful, beautiful flight characteristics of a top-notch helicopter. Full HD video, so it takes awhile to load.   6/19/10 Mercury Grave Danger with an HD camera on top. SCORE. This video is full HD 1280.   7/24/10 One-of-a-kind rocket separates. Play the end of the video slowly, and you'll see the maple leaf monocopter do some autorotation. It separated and went into the houses. It had a hinged wing, hence "monoflopter".      
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6/19/10 Mercury Grave Danger with an HD camera onboard by Tim Van Milligan. SCORE. This video is full HD, so it takes awhile to load. The same flight was caught from the ground (see below).   An F Super fincan test on a D12-3 proves to have minimal spin. A white F Super on an F10-6 at NARAM-52. A pink and gray F Super on an F10-6 at NARAM-52 on 8/4/10.
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John Boren refines his helicopter craft. Trouble is, occasionally his choppers will invert. It's cool to watch, though.     These saucers are so quick off the pad that you can only tell who won by going frame-by-frame.