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Photos on this page: September 2010 through December 2010

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white lightning huge frenzymann
9/11 Peyton launch. Breezy, small crowd, but some good flying.     9/18 and 19 Hartsel launch. We had amazing weather, great, big rockets, fun at Dorothy's, and a great time camping. What more could you ask?     9/18 Fall Frenzy Mann photos. Lots of great shots of rockets in flight, plus a few photos of the fall color.               9/25 Chiliblaster in Pueblo at SCORE. This is one of the largest events in Colorado each year, including camping, food vendors, and a night launch. External link.      
girl   boy   circuit          
9/18 Cool Science demonstrations at UCCS. Photos by Bob Xane   9/25 Challenger Mann photos.   11/20 Pueblo. Shown above is the avionics payload in one of the big Civil Air Patrol rockets.                                



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hybrid     green     normantheflamethrower     jlane nfi400   nf_i800  
9/18 Hybrid. A hybrid rocket uses Nitrous as an oxidizer and a fairly innocuous substance like pvc pipe as fuel.     9/18. Chris LaPanse flies a large M-powered rocket. Crank up the subwoofers.   A green highpower rocket flies at Hartsel 9/18. Nice flight!     9/18 Fall Fling Norman Phund's first flight with his new flamethrower rocket.     9/19 Jeff Lane flies his first production fiberglass nose cone on an extended Madcow Little John with a J400.    

Norman Pfund's insane flame
thrower gets bigger and badder. I400. 9/19.

  The flame thrower gets another workout, this time with an I800. 9/19        
warren re-cert   cap   score_project   v2_sparky   l2  
Warren Layfield re-certifies L1 with a LOC Isis on a Cesaroni H motor. 11/20/10 Civil Air Patrol flght on an L motor at Pueblo. This was the largest regular SCORE event in history. 11/20/10 SCORE project rocket with a central L motor and air started Js. The air start motos didn't light. 11/20/10 Ben asked spectators if he should put a sparky in his V2. Yeah, right... 11/20/10 Warren flies a LOC Isis on a J motor for his re-cert.