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yellowtail         camoboy   sam   reds     future     p-40      
5/28 Mayhem at Northern Colorado. Friday was windy. Saturday was OK, with cool temperature and low ceiling all day, but we got a lot of flights off. 6/27 Spring Fling in Hartsel with Tripoli Colorado was beautiful on Saturday morning, with lots of great flying, then it got windy and hot. Sunday, a few rockets struggled into the wind but we eventually gave up. 5/6 4-H TARC team practicing for finals.   7/23 Challenger launch on a beautiful day; warm and sunny wth a light breeze. We had good attendance even though there were no big groups. Had to quit at 10 a. m. because of the fire ban. 7/30 ULA/SCORE/
COSROCS event at Pueblo. The "Future" flew on two N booster motors and one N sustainer motor. There were around 1000 people at this event. Our TARC teams did demo launches, and there were many high power flights.
    8/13 COSROCS spectacular summer launch and BBQ and camping and kiting and stargazing event. Great fun, medium sized crowd, nearly perfect weather.      
8/27 Launch at Challenger was fabulous. Sunny, warm, very little wind, and a good crowd of new and veteran fliers.    

External links to Chiliblaster III photos:
Greg Elder photos on PCISys of Day 1, plus a short video of the Cherokee-D mass launch.
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l3bk     l3w     porkarrow   qk     rdw   240
Mitch Smith's successful L3 certification flight.

A successful L3 certification flight. White rocket built by Adam Boggs. Target acquired!

Steve Jensen's Pork Arrow smacks the clouds. Hard. Quark upscale.   Red and white rocket with blue flame.   With a .29 sec. F240 burn, this small rocket with 29mm Blue Tube and Shockwave Rocketry fiberglass nose cone leaves the pad in a hurry.              
burgandy   ynk   bkflames   sparky   reilly   spools            
Burgandy rocket with lots of motor. L motor on a huge yellow and black split fin rocket. Gorgeous black metalflake rocket with airbrushed flames. Sweet L3 cert flight. Al Zelenak's scratch built C'mon Baby (light my fire). "Sparky" is the name of the rocket, not the type of motor. . 6/25 Spring Fling. Ken Reilly's dark colored 54mm near-minimum rocket with the big metalflake finish. It goes forever.. 6/25 Spring Fling. Yep, it's Spool-a-palooza two. A mass spool launch is tremendous fun. Lots of fire and smoke.. 6/25 Spring Fling.
drag future   retrofire   ball k&red   fastest   k power   late tarc

Drag race between two high power rockets. 6/25 Spring Fling.

7/30/11 Pueblo, United Launch Alliance launches "Future", The Largest Rocket Ever Flown in Colorado. 7/30/11 Here's the Ball Aerospace "Stars n' Stripes" with really cool motors on the fins firing forward to limit altitude. The thumbnail above clearly shows the forward thrust. The main motor is an N.   7/30/11 The "Icarus" intern rocket with two payloads on an L motor. The video mislabels it as an N.   7/30/11 The "Reliant Robin" flies on an M class motor (mislabeled as an N in the video) with two payloads. It's a ULA intern project.   7/30/11 The largest non-ULA launch of the day clocks in with a K motor. A thing of beauty.   7/30/11 ULA supports Team America Rocketry Challenge teams in Colorado, so two TARC teams did demonstration launches. This one deploys very late, making it a nail-biter.
tarc at apogee   crowd   cosmos
7/30/11 Here's another TARC demonstration flight from the Cheyenne Mountain team. Better deployment this time.     7/30/11 Largest crowd so far assembled at Hudson Ranch for a rocketry event. How big could we get if ULA and Chili Blaster were combined? Only time will tell.     7/30/11 "Cosmos" I-class motor. Scared some people with a late start.
8/13/11 Dave Virga's Estes Wacky Wiggler. One of Dave's favorite rockets, the Wiggler flies straight off the pad, then loops around, then recovers as a buncha pieces on a string.