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Photos on this page: September 2011 through December

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swat     cub   prep munch            
9/10/11 Peyton launch. This was the nicest day we have had in years. 56 degrees in the morning, 76 at noon, almost zero wind, and fairly green conditions for low fire hazard. It was also a very small launch, with only a few folks showing up, and only a couple of heavy fliers.   9/24/11 Challenger launch. Almost no wind, a huge crowd of Cubs, and unseasonably warm. 85 launches in 85 degrees.     10/22 Challenger launch joint event with Cool Science. On a perfect day, we had ~150 flights and ~300 people.   12/10 Prebles Peyton Christmas Extravaganza. Four TARC teams, lots of food, and incredible weather.          


m1545 4h jltest                  

Strong wind shear
combined with
Mach 1 velocity
makes for a lethal
LDRS 30, 9/2/11.


4-H TARC fincan test 12/10 at Christmas Extravaganza.

12/10 Jeff tests consistency of E28s.