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Photos on this page: January 2012 through April

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blueboy aiden hannah kory and matt tony board look
1/28 COSROCS launch at Challenger. CMCA TARC team 1 still photos. (exit-linked to Brandango) While a lot of teens are sleeping in during spring break, several TARC teams were out early each morning doing testing and official qualification flights. Ths album features teams from 4-H and Galileo school. Location: Fountain site. Spring Break for CMCA TARC team 1. Ths is a good-sized photo album. Location: Fountain site. (exit-linked to Brandango) Spring Break for CMCA TARC team 2. These seventh graders scored a 5 and went to finals. Location: Fountain site. (exit-linked to Brandango) CMCA TARC team 3 during spring break. This team barely missed the cut to go to finals. Location: Fountain site. (exit-linked to Brandango) 3/10 launch at the Peyton site. Small crowd, but some really nice flying.

1/28 What a
gorgeous day!
Small crowd
except for some
TARC action.




4h   1 2   1   2   3     4  
2/18/12 4-H Official
TARC qualification
flight on a cold day
in Fountain.
  3/27/12 4-H TARC practice flight. 3/27/12 A second 4-H practice flight.   3/28/12 4-H TARC flight 1.   3/28/12 4-H TARC flight 2.   3/28/12 4-H TARC flight 3.     3/28/12 4-H TARC flight 4.