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Photos on this page: May 2012 through August

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odd foothills popnozzle davescluster goblin fanger
Foothills Elementary 5/21/12. 84 launches. Huge photo album. 6/9/12, we fly at the Peyton site. A light breeze. Hot, though. We got a lot of flights off for the best launch in Peyton in a year.

7/29/12 ChiliBlaster combined event with SCORE and ULA. Probably the largest rocketry event ever assembled in Colorado. Good-sized album of still photos.

Odyssey Elementary 4/5/12. 101 launches from 92 kids, plus teachers. Huge photo album by Deanna Mann.

        6/9/12 Thad Zylka pthoto album. More great stuff. 6/23/12 Challenger launch. Hot, dry, light breeze. We luanched under a fire ban, the only club in the state of Colorado.


interceptor zylkamovie   future     barrioscato   barrioscert2   talon   miniemagg
Interceptor E on an E-9. Very slow liftoff, majestic flight. Don't try this in wind! Thad Zylka, producer, director, and star.   7/28/12 The Future ends here. Billed as the largest rocket ever to fly in Colorado. ULA/
ChiliBlaster IV
    7/29/12 Dan Barrios' first L1 Certification attempt. Motor burned through causing a CATO. Cool if it's not you.   Dan's second attempt at ChiliBlaster successfully ushered him into the hallowed halls of high power.   Dual deployment Talon at ChiliBlaster. This is very nice, because you can see both deployments.   Minie Magg at ChiliBlaster IV. Nice flight.  
miranda ben   redstone   thunderstruck   goblin   3rockets future
"Ugly Tie-Dye Miranda" gets a nice boost.   Ben trys to lose a high-flying high power rocket using single-deploy. Dave Bauer's Redstone hits hard.   Tim Thomas, you're having 'way too much fun. Thunderstruck. Bdale Garbee's Goblin has flown in ALL FOUR ChiliBlasters. 3 midpower rockets round out the videos from ChiliBlaster. Great photos from ULA of the ULA\Chiliblaster launch.