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Photos on this page: September 2013 through December

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Ern crowd scout girl

Fall Fling 2013. What can we say? Another perfect day!

Challenger launch 9/28. A huge crowd of Scouts was waiting for us when we arrived at Challenger, and we flew well over one hundred rockets on a cool, nearly calm morning. It was beautiful. But fall is coming. This is an album of Thad Zylka's photos.   More 9/28 Challenter photos. 10/5 Cool Science Carneval "Make it -Take it" event. 162 rockets built. Supported by the Vanguard TARC teams.
cold cross goose
10/12 Challenger launch supporting the Cool Science Carnival. Cool, breezy, but lots of smiling faces.   10/26 Peyton launch and potluck. Cool and breezy to start, but warm and fabulously calm at midday.   11-9 Peyton launch. Warm, breezy, just a few people to start but a full crowd by the end of the day. Lots of great flights.                                              


at-the-button   crowd   glider   hipower   monocopter      
Video of three Scouts launcing rockets. Pure fun. Video of a large crowd of scouts and their parents at a COSROCS Challenger launch on 9/28/13. The NAR Regional contest on October 19th in Pueblo was very fun. Here's a glider flight. We launched some big iron at the NAR Regional, too. Something you may never have seen before. A monocopter maple leaf design in a NAR Regional helicopter contest.