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COSROCS is BIG on education!!
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Video of the Ball Interns' Stars 'N' Stripes flight at Chiliblaster/ULA/Ball launch on 7/18/15. This is an N class rocket with multiple payloads.    

COSROCS does a huge amount of educational work. Dozens of young potential rocket scientists built their first model at the annual Cool Science Carnival at UCCS.

Video of the ULA interns' Future flight at Chiliblaster/ULA/Ball launch on 7/18/15. This is a HUGE O-class rocket, with many payloads.


TARC! CMCA video and photos.


Upcoming Events:

   8th Annual Cool Science Carnival!
   Saturday, 14 October, at the UCCS Austin Bluffs campus.
   We will be in our usual location in the Osborne Building.
   Setup starts at 8:30am; Carnival hours 10am - 4:30pm

   This is our biggest outreach event of the year!
   We need all COSROCS volunteers, for as long or as little
   as you can help.

   See the announcement on our YahooGroup discussion forum.


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We have club T-shirts! Inquire at a meeting or launch. Multiple styles are available.

Sign up NOW for the 2017-18 COSROCS Youth Rocketry Classes!

Registration is open, and space is limited.
Eight classes total, all held at Fire Station No. 20 (Dublin & Rangewood).
First class is Saturday, October 14th (Repeated Saturday October 21st).
Classes 2 - 8 will be held on the first Saturday of each month.
See the following documents for more information.

Beginners Class Info
Advanced Class Info


COSROCS is a non-profit community service provider and is sensitive to people who prefer not to have their photos posted. We have thousands of photos and videos posted from twenty years of community service. If you object to having your likeness on the site, please contact the webmaster and we will remove it (them).

COSROCS promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through fun and friendship, and is a community service non-profit organization.


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